We supply "Ready-to-Fit" doors, windows, Door-Frames, Window-Frames, Window-Shutters , Ventilators of different sizes and aesthetic designs crafted from world class Teak, Malaysian Pyinkado and hard wood. The 100% seasoned wood withstand harsh weather, shrinking or expansion and lasts for a life time. The prices are affordable too. Master artisans and craftsmen create beautiful wood work and finish, through flawless carving, balance and proportion, strength, durability and perfection are ensured using the most modern machinery.
Our manufacturers use high quality timber logs from around the world and supply them in accordance with the specific needs of our customers. They supply the best quality sized wood ranging from the world’s finest Burmese teak, pine wood, Malaysian Pinkado, African wood, Murbo Tree, Sal wood etc, giving more choice to our customers in addition to superior quality.
Burmese Teak is the best timber for living spaces, It is only found in very few places, one of them being the dense forests of Myanmar. These trees are grown naturally without the influence of any external care which is why they are denser than the others and more durable under hostile conditions. The elegance and durability make it the first choice for most teak work. The natural oil secreted by the wood gives it maximum resistance against termite attack, decay, dampness and bacteria.